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Portable Juicer

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[commodity material]: material food grade PC material + food grade rubber seal + SUS304
[Type]:Fruit and Vegetable Tools
[product size]:bottom diameter 8*22.5cm
[product capacity]:380ml
[Number of blades]:4 and 6
[product weight]:460g
[product packaging]:Juice cup + color box

1. Charging: It should be charged for more than 3 hours for the first use, and 8 hours is better, otherwise it is easy to run out of power or not to turn.
2. After charging, please unplug the charging cable, the juicer will not work in the charging state.
3. Tighten: When you can't turn it on, please tighten the cup body and base again. At this time, the blue light flashes five times, and the activation program can be turned on. (This article is for juicers with protective devices)
4. fruit: the fruit should be cut into small pieces of 1.5 cm
5. Add water: After putting the fruit, be sure to add one-half of the amount of water or milk of the fruit. Do not dry squeeze, which may burn the motor. (Unless it is a fruit with a lot of water, such as watermelon, you don't need to add water).
6. Switch: Be sure to tighten the lid of the juicer cup and turn it upside down, leaving the blade exposed in the air, and start the switch (otherwise the blade will be easily jammed by the fruit and the machine will not turn). After the inverted start, shake it around 45 degrees. The effect of juicing will be better.
7. Water leakage: Please check if the silicone ring is not properly assembled, please reinstall the sealing ring.
8. When cleaning, the cup body and lid can be removed for cleaning, and the base cannot be washed in water to avoid water damage to the components in the base.
9. Idling of the juicer is forbidden to avoid heat damage to the motor and seal.